How to make an easy ice cream cake at home!

Here is the how-to video for this recipe.



Homemade Ice Cream Cake

So, I’m on an ice cream cake kick. My son doesn’t like sponge cakes, so for his second birthday, I decided that I wanted to get him a cars-themed ice cream cake instead. I started researching custom cakes from the major ice cream shops (*cough* DQ *cough*), and found it quite expensive – they start at $36.99 without customization. So, I decided to make one myself. It turned out great! And not only is it half the price, it is possible to invent as many variations as you want (I’ve made two different ones already…and I’ll be making another next week!). We bought a toy car and set it on top of the cake – he loved it! (I only wished I’d remembered to take a picture of the cake after it was cut – the layers turned out really well.) This recipe is very easy, but it takes some time to freeze between steps – make sure you give yourself 4 hours or so! Continue reading