Garlic Buns


There’s something very comforting about freshly baked bread, and this recipe is one of my all time favourites.  Based on a Filipino recipe for savoury snack buns (ensaymada), this roll is pillowy soft and buttery with the sharpness of garlic.  This is probably the closest you’ll get to melt-in-the-mouth bread.

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What better way to resurrect my blog than to start with a recipe for the newest craze in sweets to hit Canada, Papparoti! But unless you are fortunate enough to live in Vancouver (, you’re faced with an expensive trip to the West Coast or … kitchen experiments. With two kids under two, I opted for the latter option. So, after a challenge from my husband and inspiration from his co-workers, this is my recipe for Papparoti. This is a long recipe with many steps, but it is well worth the effort. These treats evoke the buttery texture of croissants and the dense richness of sweet rolls with the sweet crunch of a coffee-caramel topping – the perfect snack to pair with a hot drink!

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