Jacob and Daniel and the Avengers trailer

What? Our kids are into super heroes? Yes, yes they are. Marvel recently dropped the new Avengers Infinity War trailer on YouTube, and our kids just couldn’t get enough of it! Here is their reaction to their first (of many, many, many) times watching the trailer.

Can’t wait to see the movie once it hits theatres in April 2018


Wear Your Poppy So You Don’t Lose It! (3 simple things)

What, a post? And not about food? Yes, it may seem strange. But I made a decision recently to make videos and post about things that I think are interesting, funny, or a little bit helpful. So, there we have it.

Remembrance Day, November 11, is just a week away. By this time, I’ve usually already lost about 3 poppies. It’s not that I particularly mind donating to get a few more; I just don’t want to be stuck without one!

So, I made a video! Watch the video for my top three tips for keeping your poppy secure, or see under the cut for more details.

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