General Tao Chicken

So, you may remember that back in 2013, my website was hacked and I lost…everything on the site. (Yes, I should have backed up my content. I know.) This was a project I started while we were living abroad in England, and it seemed too disheartening to start from scratch, so I just didn’t. I let my passion for food blogging lapse.

But my darling husband recently sent me a link to a website that captures versions (aka snapshots) of internet content. Though it’s a bit terrifying that everything on the net is never truly gone, I was also very happy to find a version of my past blog. Thank goodness for www.wayback.comย and for husbands that don’t give up on their wives’ passions. Continue reading


A big change is coming…

Well, it’s been forever – ad change is in the air! I’ll be revamping this site over the next few weeks. There’ll still be recipes, but I’ll be adding lots of other stuff too.

Hope you’ll still follow ๐Ÿ™‚