The Hungry Host

Welcome! I’m your hungry host, Linda. I come from a culture where sharing a meal makes you friends, and cooking a meal together makes you family. And of course, just isn’t a meal isn’t a meal without rice! So I invite you to join my virtual family of recipe hounds and home cooks who are just looking for something delicious to serve their families.



I’m a work-from-home mom and a preacher’s wife. I work at 1.5 jobs as a language teacher to immigrants and an online curriculum designer. We have three unruly (but adorable) children who provide us equal parts of humour, love, frustration, and humility on a daily basis. I’m not particularly keen on being famous, but I do want to be useful, so I am sharing my ideas so that I might hopefully encourage someone somewhere. I’ll be honest: I’m also doing this in the hopes that one day I’ll be able to drop at least one of my two jobs so that I have more time to work alongside my army-officer-turned-preacher husband as he serves our local congregation.

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img_0527I started this journey in 2008 when I followed my military husband to the United Kingdom. The site grew, swelling with recipes and food information – until it crashed and was lost to cyber-space in 2014. So, this is TheHungryHost, version 2 – and I hope it will grow just as well as the first site

To give you a bit of background information about myself: I was born to Filipino parents in the United States. We moved to Montreal, Canada when I was in grade school. As I was growing up, my mother and grandmother schooled me in Filipino cooking, and my dad in baking. I got married, and my military husband and I have trekked across Canada and overseas, living in British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the United Kingdom. We’ve visited over twenty countries in four continents. Have I mentioned that I like traveling?

Travelling has given me new perspectives and opened my mind to new and old ways of thinking. One thing I’ve been blessed to learn is that as large as the world is, it only takes a collection of small actions to change it.

I have three small children; two boys and a girl, and I love them to bits – even though it’s been really hard to keep the house clean for two minutes, and practically impossible to lose any of the extra weight (I’m working on it; really, but not really)! These three small individuals have been a true education for me; teaching me the difference between tidy and clean, the true meaning of a late night, and absolute terror and joy. (The language geek in me also marvels at their evolving use of past tenses.)

I’m an online instructor, and I have a Master’s in Education, but my most important job is raising my three children and supporting my army-turned-preacher husband as we serve a church of Christ in Manitoba. Through all the storms in my life, my lifelines have been to hold fast to the love and hope in Christ and the support of my family in God.

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 10.17.45 PMI love children’s movies, young adult fiction, anime, going to church, and the idea of being a work-from-home mum. I write for fun and for money, but what I love most is cooking for my friends and family. We’ve been known to throw huge buffets for 60 people and intimate coursed dinner parties for 8-10 friends. But more often than not, we just like to welcome people into our home for warm conversation and food cooked with love and care.


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