Wear Your Poppy So You Don’t Lose It! (3 simple things)

What, a post? And not about food? Yes, it may seem strange. But I made a decision recently to make videos and post about things that I think are interesting, funny, or a little bit helpful. So, there we have it.

Remembrance Day, November 11, is just a week away. By this time, I’ve usually already lost about 3 poppies. It’s not that I particularly mind donating to get a few more; I just don’t want to be stuck without one!

So, I made a video! Watch the video for my top three tips for keeping your poppy secure, or see under the cut for more details.

3 Simple Things - 2017 Nov - Don't Lose your Poppy
How To: 3 simple things to do to keep from losing your Remembrance Day poppy

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